Thoughts about going off protocol with alcohol

I ended up having 3 glasses of wine last evening with my husband. I had planned to have 1. Going off was a choice, and I thought I felt Ok about it but then later I snacked off protocol with sugar and scrolled my phone. Looking back I realize that I am so much more likely to go off protocol after drinking and of course if I’m a little tipsy I’m less likely to pause in the moment when I want a snack. So I need some go-to thoughts for when this happens! I should say it doesn’t happen too often but I do anticipate this coming up again. I’m having trouble with the intentional model. I’m looking for “easy” thoughts to think.
Here are my models:
C I drank 3 glasses of wine and 1 was on protocol
T I messed up
F Disappointed in myself
A Buffer with phone and snacks
R I don’t have my back when I go off protocol
C same
T I’m human, I can stay on protocol, this doesn’t have to take me off track ?
F Curious
A pay attention to feelings and urges
R I take responsibility for staying on track