Thoughts about looking for a job

I would love some feedback on how to think differently about looking for full-time work. My impossible goal for 2020 is to make $50,000. I have wayyyyy too many negative thoughts about it all. I realized this as I was looking for jobs this morning and stopped to pay attention to the thoughts in my mind. Here they are – No one pays very well up here at all. You should be applying for higher paying jobs! I have all these credentials and no one wants to pay me that amount or hire me. I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and there’s not a lot of job opportunities at $50,000. I guess I’ll have to do a job I hate until I make the amount of money I want.

I also had an interview up here and a lady told me that she was impressed with my resume, but was worried I wouldn’t stick around long enough. I’m bummed because they actually were paying well for only a high school diploma!

I was offered a job that I love at $30,000, but I really want to be at $50,000. I feel as though this is all “happening” to me even though I know it’s my thoughts about it. I could decide where I want to work and make $50,000 right? Well what if the place I want to work is only offering $30,000? I also feel a sense of urgency because I want to start making a full-time income to start saving up for things I want to do later this year. UGH all the feels which are not helping!