Thoughts about my past

I am working on the thoughts about my past workbook, and I am trying to come up with an answer to the first question of summing up your past in one sentence. How do you want to define it?

I came up with: “My past is full of lots of different types of experiences.”

An earlier version included the words good and bad. (“My past is full of lots of different types of experiences– both good and bad ones.”)

My current one feels pretty neutral. However not really very positive and not at all inspiring.

I would like to include a more positive spin on it, as in hopeful for the future or calm acceptance. I thought about adding “and they have made me who I am today.” However, this does not resonate with me as am still working on things I don’t like about me today and would like to change, so this addition does not feel true and opens a whole other can of worms! For example, I love Brooke’s statement, but it does not feel right for me. (Brooke’s Sentence: “It made me the strong woman that I am today.”)

Can you please provide some feedback? Should I just leave it as a neutral even if uninspiring statement? Or is there a way of having a statement that is positive about both the good and the bad in the past?

Any help would be great as I feel this is an important first step in moving forward after years of reliving the past. Thank you.