Stuck in the past

A few months ago, I left a living situation that was very stressful for me. I want to think the situation WAS stressful. The landlord would use their key to let themselves in when they were unhappy with me, they would scream and curse at me, they would not replace the stove that was leaking gas because they told me I was “being ridiculous” and other things that I want to feel bad about.

The problem that I am having now is that I feel stuck in the past. I keep ruminating on my thoughts about it and am scared that I am going to be back in that position even though logically I know I am safe from all of that now. The main thing keeping me stuck is that I feel like they are talking about me and saying negative things about me since I moved out. I keep asking myself why do I care? I know logically it doesn’t matter but it still feels important to my brain and I am trying to answer the question why do I care if they are or aren’t saying things but nothing is coming up. I just keep looping thinking of the past and trying to stay angry so that I never go back to being in that position again. I want to move on but I don’t know how to.