Thoughts breakthru

after watching the July VIP coaching session a miracle in my understanding occurred
it’s finally sinking in

EVERY result I have created in my life has been a consequence of my thoughts. (This does not suggest that results others have created were a consequence of my thoughts- eg poor parenting, which is a circumstance)
I am willing to except this for myself, as early as when I was first able to verbalize.
I absorbed the thinking patterns of my parents.
The thoughts then creatively morphed into a customized automatic thought version as a teenager and young adult
Then as I began personal development, I developed a response system that responded to a mixture of intentional thoughts and customized automatic thoughts

I can map every single result I have ever had to a thought about a circumstance.
I perpetuated sub-optimal results due to sub optimal approaches to thinking.

This means that I can now commit to intentional thought patterns as often as possible to create the results I want.
I can now achieve the results I want in every area of my life.

Here is the process I see, please let me know your thoughts on this:

1- I determine the results I want to create
2- I create a plan that will likely lead to those results
3- I choose the thoughts that create the results I want (the model)
4- I add Practice, commitment and patience

It is also big to know that sometimes I need to let myself feel heavy while I am learning new intentional thoughts

and at these times I remind myself that it is just my automatic programmed thoughts causing heavy feelings-

just tolerate it for now while new thoughts begin to gain momentum.