Thoughts of "wasted money" and "not following my gut"

I would like some help tightening up these models. I know I have multiple T’s & F’s and maybe that’s why I’m having trouble not seeing an R. Thank you!

I signed up for a health & life coach certification program that was in the short list of programs I was comparing. They ran a large discount sale on tuition, which with the discount was about 1 payment’s worth of LCS. I thought it might help me figure out if coaching was a good choice for me – kind of like running a test or proof of concept. And without the financial commitment of LCS.

The certification is based on a 90-day transformation program. The program feels very “woo-woo” “touchy-feely” and not me at all. I don’t want to do the skills lab or coach this program with practice clients – in other words, I now know that I don’t want to be certified in that methodology.

C: I learned this method is not my method <—is that a legit C? or is “x coach certification program” the C?
This is not my program/this program is not for me
I wasted money
I should have followed my gut and waited until my budget could support LCS
I’m behind

F’s: guilt, regret, failure, disappointment
keep moving forward in the video lessons, but don’t do the labs
question my decisions
be tight with money
calculate how long it will take me to save back the tuition
Compare Scholars coaching sessions/replays to other program
Spin in my mind that I’m off track, wrong

R ???

C: x coaching certification program
T: I learned some things
Comparing programs is good research
Knowing what is a “no” helps to find the “yes”

F courage <- this is where I started this model. This is what I want to feel.
Allow/feel disappointment and/or failure then keep going
Finish the lessons – take what works/is useful and leave the rest, keep that commitment to myself
try things, fail, evaluate, learn, keep going
work my calendar and checkbook towards LCS

R: I learned some things (???)