Thoughts to feel lovable

My boyfriend, who doesn’t live in the same city I do and is married, was video calling me yesterday and using the gps at the same time, by accident he scratched his car rim and got mad at himself, he asked me to talk to him later because he was angry at himself for being distracted, I asked him if he was angry at me and said no.
He has 2 jobs, so when he is out of the first one he video calls me while driving 30 to 45 minutes home, he has no other time to video call me or call me period. We only text when he is available.
Today he is saying he doesn’t want to video call me anymore while driving, I am making it mean he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t care about our relationship, I’m thinking what if we break up, what am I going to do if I need him.
I love him so much and I feel I need him, because he tells me beautiful things and he makes me feel loved, seen, important, sexy, desired, lovable, awesome…
I don’t want to depend on him anymore to feel what he makes me feel, what thought ideas can you give me to feel the way I want without him?
When he wasn’t in my life I didn’t have this need for him, now I have created it, how to reverse it?

Thank you