Thoughts when working on business

I am just now starting to try to dedicate a set amount of time to my business. I have been avoiding doing my business for a while now. I have had these thoughts come up.

– I just feel like dying.
– This is too much.
– This is hard.
– I am not going to be intentional enough so it’s not going to work.
– I’m not cut out for something like this.
– There is too much I have to do.
– I’m behind.
-I’m stressed and I’m tired.
– I’m not doing it right.
– I don’t know why this keeps happening.
– There’s something wrong with me that I don’t want to do this hard work.
– I need to make money so this shouldn’t be a priority.
– I’m going to give up because dealing with how bad this feels won’t last.

I am having all of this come up right now as I’m trying to create a business plan. I’m noticing a lot of fears once I actually settled down into doing it after having called ten people. I can see how each of these thoughts are creating results. I am also noticing my brain go to a place where it wishes I was in school and someone would hand me due dates and I didn’t have to do any of this hard work.

I am now acknowledging my pain is being created by my thoughts, but my brain is insistent I’m just not someone who can or wants to do hard work. I don’t know if I have a question about this.  I feel like this was my way to just get it out and be honest. I am choosing to submit it just to see what you see from outside of me right now.

Thank you.