Throw away your to do list

Hi brooke

I just watched the to do list web seminar.
Here are my questions

I still live at home and want to have dinner and eat with my parents. And they can’t tell me when dinner is ready, and I don’t want to pressure them because they cook and its really nice of them. How can I adjust to that?
Also same thing when i am at my boyfriends house. He is a photographer and sometimes he has to work longer etc. and I wait for him to have dinner. How can I plan that? And I WANT TO have dinner with him, because its a good time to talk and spent some time together.
Brooke said:
Urgent things are things you planned badly.
Urgent things are not important
But something can only get urgent if its important to you. I mean if it doesn’t get done you are not happy. So its important. Right?
Example: you send your work to a client and he’s not happy but needs it until tomorrow.
brooke said:
Decide what you don’t want to do but you should do, eliminate it.
For example: inviting friends over, cooking dinner, celebrate Christmas.
But sometimes I don’t want to go to yoga (Brooke’s example in the web seminar)
Is there a difference between not wanting to do those things?
If I were to eliminate all the things I don’t feel like doing I wouldn’t do much.