Time management

I’ve noticed that I have the following thought that regularly comes to mind “having clients is going to be hard to deal with time-wise.” But as soon as that thought comes up, because I know I tend to have that thought, I tend to resist by saying to myself “but no don’t tell yourself you don’t have time, you’re going to make it work no matter what and time is a mental concept, you create time based on what you think.”

But I know that doesn’t work because I always feel anxiety and some kind of pressure when I think like that.

So I decided to explore here: why do I think it’s going to be hard to manage time?

Here’s what comes to mind then:

– My days are already full
– I already can’t stick to my schedule, so with 4 clients – that’s 2 x 45 minute sessions to fit into my schedule – it’s going to be worse
– If my clients don’t want to set a schedule on the weekend, it won’t work
– My boyfriend will resent me for scheduling my coaching sessions on weekends, it will make it more complicated to schedule little weekends on the side
– Maybe I should review Monday Hour 1 first, learn to really plan my week ahead and stick to it
– I’m not really ready to have 4 clients
– Making offers etc. takes time and is hard to manage with my legal counsel work
– If a client can’t make it on a weekend from time to time – or if I can’t make it on a weekend from time to time because I want to go on vacation with my boyfriend – I can try to schedule the sessions exceptionally during the week
– I’m afraid that because of my work I can’t plan
– I have a hard time planning each day precisely with my job so I have a hard time planning how to meet people, make offers and coach
– I’m afraid it will affect my time with my boyfriend or my time off
– I’m afraid of being tired

There are already a lot of thoughts, I know they are “thoughts errors,” but I panic when they come to my mind because I am afraid that they will become true and create these results!

Any advice on how to break that throught?

Right now I am thinking: I should do and right down each solution but then I think, again something to add to my calendar, I should focus on what I have already planned tomorrow, maybe I am already spending too much time on coaching and coaching myself.