Time management…

Hi Brooke,
First of all, I’d like to apologize to Suzy and the Life Coach School – I had scheduled an appointment for today at 12:45am, thinking that it was just after lunchtime in France. But it turned out that I was 12 hours late and I feel so sorry! I’ve sent a mail to apologize to Suzy of course but I still feel very bad about the whole thing.
Here are some of the thoughts about this event: I should have checked I got the time right, I should have known since I’m an English teacher, especially as I’m very strict about my student’s being on time, especially when I fell in love with my husband because one of his endearing traits was that he was so punctual…
Unintentional model
C – missed appointment
T – I should have checked the time not to waste Suzy’s time
F – shame
A – I keep on thinking about it
R – I’m wasting my time by not moving forward
Intentional model
T – some time has been lost but a lesson has been learnt
F – resigned
A – I’m trying to move onto something else
R – I’m using my time to get more experience
It doesn’t feel quite right, though.
I’m trying not to think about what Suzy must have thought and felt waiting for me but it’s very tempting – it would distract me from my own shame!
C – punctuality
T – I can make a mistake and it’s ok
F – No, it’s not ok!
A – ?
R – ?
Maybe I’m meant to feel that shame to learn my lesson well, which is why I can’t seem to find an intentional model that makes me feel good. I feel it’s the punishment I deserve.
Have a great day,