Tired to care of ex


I broke up with somebody that I decided I do not want to be with.
Even tho I made this decision on my own, I still care of what he does.
Sometime I wake up in the morning checking my phone and get disappointed that there is no message from him.
Is there as if I am waiting for his message.
And it’s crazy to me since I decide not to be with him anymore.
I put this behaviour in the C-line so I build an intentional model:

C-waiting for ex-messages when I wake up
T- I am aware this is just an old habit of my brain
– I allow this urge of wanting to know of him
– this is just an urge, it doesn’t mean I still want to be with him

F- confident/focused on myself
A- committed to my plan of creating a coaching business
– give my free time to people that they want to spend the time with me

R- my business it’s build, care less and less of him and more of myself

I’ve being working on this behaviour also on allowing urges, but I also have this thought ‘I am tired of caring of him’

Some of the reasons that I don’t want no to be with him anymore is:
– it felt like he doesn’t want to spend much of his time with me
– he was not talking very kind to me
– he was planning vacations without telling anything
– he said his family it’s the most imp for him and for him I go after them

So, my question is if all this being said, why do I still feel the need to talk to him or to wait for his message, or to hope he will want to get back together even tho I wouldn’t not accepted?

Thank you very much:)