To go or not to go, that is the question but what is the best answer for me to choose? BM

Dear Brooke

I am naturally an introvert, I love my own space and being out in nature. When I am asked to go somewhere or to do something with a friend or workmate, I go, almost always, I say yes. Some people think and have said that my life is quite narrow as I work from home and don’t get out all that much. I didn’t think of my life that way at all but now I am wondering if there is any truth in it. Perfect scenario. I have been asked to go to a friends house tonight, she has invited lots of other women, I have said yes, true to form, but if I chose from my heart, I would not go, as I am finding it increasingly boring and uninspirational to sit around listening to complaints and gossip. I have this thought that I should take myself out of my comfort zone and do the things that I don’t really want to do because its good for me and for my personal growth (the whole networking thing)? There is also a thought that when things come up, like an invitation, maybe the ‘universe’ is opening a door for me and if I don’t go I could miss that wonderful opportunity of a chance meeting with someone that could change my life? I also feel that saying yes is a ‘gift’ to the asker, my mother always says that one must say yes or people will soon stop asking you out if you keep saying no, this might be why I say yes most often. I never know if the answer should be yes or no and its always been a source of conflict albeit soft conflict, I don’t lose sleep over it or anything. When should one push oneself out of her comfort zone and when should one honour her feelings, is there a template or specific model I could apply to find my answer? Thank you so much 🙂