Topic Wish List

After listening to your podcast on self pity, I realize it’s an emotion that I’ve frequently indulged in my entire life. I would love, love, love more information, tips and helps on dealing with self pity. You are absolutely right – it’s a sneaky one and was difficult to identify. But now that I realize it’s there, I’m determined to deal with it.

Also, I know I’m taking massive action based on your definition – taking action until you get the results you want. And I am fully committed to SCS and doing the work to lose weight – 30 pounds gone, 70 to go. That said, I’ve realized that I often make daily plans but then don’t follow through. But I agree with you 100% – having a plan you don’t honor isn’t useful. So how do I get better at creating and honoring my plans?

Thank you for teaching me how to live fully aware and on purpose!!