Total emotional childhood

I have just acted exactly the same like my 6 year old. Even our crying sounded the same. Today is my 3 year old bday. Just a celebration at home. My 6 year old didn’t want to be in the photo.

And now I see it, it is my manual. The birthday boy gets the special treatment and everyone else, especially in this case is me and daughter have to bend over backward and make his day special. Honestly, looking back 1 hr ago now, the 3 yr old didn’t even care about photos. It was all my manual we needed to have a family photo. And to be honest, I think my 6 yr old didn’t even care about family memories, documentation etc, she just didn’t feel like being in the photo, simple. I made it so complicated with my manual.

C daughter said “i don’t want to be in the photo”
T you are ruining the birthday
F pissed off
A tried to ask nicely for daughter to come to me and I was going to hold her. She ran away into bedroom, so I left her there and closed the door and she cried. I was crying and upset.
R I am ruining the evening for me.