Totally lost with the point of this method and Brooke work

You told me in the previous answer of my “50/50 Question”: “In the human experience, we have both positive and negative emotions (50/50). We argue with reality when we think we can have 100% positive emotions by changing our thoughts.”

WOW!… So I don’t get it AT ALL! What is the point of the model and Brooke work then? So far I understood we have to not resist but accept emotions, great, and Brooke always ask the coaches “How do you want to feel with those circumstances?” So the point is to DECIDE how we want to feel and then find the best thoughts that create that emotion in our body. I have always heard that since I begin with Brooke. Getting from unintentional model to intentional model. And it wasn’t labelled arguing with life but changing the meaning of life circumstances in order to feel whatever we want/need for a result.

My understanding from that is that obviously you can change your thoughts to feel whatever you want and so why not 100% positive? So by now I’m very confused as the answer you gave me and what I see from Brooke work appears to me to be two different life conceptions.