Transformation Crash

I heard about the transformation crash on one of Brooke’s latest podcasts. Please correct me if the following definition is incorrect. A transformation crash is when we repeat a process over and over again in order to transform but we get too tired to continue doing the process.

I believe I’ve reached the transformation crash, my question is now what? What questions should I be asking myself in order to get out of this crash and avoid this crash again? Should I even be going for the goal or do I just need to think of a new process?

My goal is to reach 88k by March. To get to this goal I am studying after work in order to become a better data analyst. I’ve purchased online courses and have access to mentors in the field.

I want to be a data analyst since I like numbers and helping others. To get better, however, I am working on my fear of studying, improving my analysis skills, and improving my communication skills with business sponsors.

I study a lot but get really anxious when I study. I’ve tried reducing this anxiety by scheduling time to study as well as what I’ll be studying but I still feel anxious. So I continue to study with this feeling.

My communication and analysis skills are ok but I know there is room to improve. I’m still gathering clarity around how both of these skills are gained and improved in my line of work. I want to improve my communication skills in order to solidify trust and improve my analysis skills in order to provide a solution that solves the business problem and solves for blind spots associated with the business problem that the business may not be aware of. I also want to be able to clearly answer questions the business sponsor has to ensure the business sponsor that I can help them.