Travelling for business and staying at someone else’s house

Hi Brooke,
I travel a lot for business, I think it will be easy enough when I am staying in a hotel to organise/ask for the food I prefer to eat. However I often stay with my business partner who’s husband is a doctor. My concerns are
1. they have very fixed views about what a healthy diet contains, and I’ve often heard them judge others choices (hmm think I am feeling worried about being judged by them)
2. I’m feeling uncomfortable about having a conversation with them about my protocol. I think partly because of (1) and partly because they’ll know if I fail. I’m happy to self cater and I’m also happy to cook for them, although when I have offered that before I was turned down flat.
I think I am actually scared to speak up for myself and state what I am doing so I can find a solution.
would love some guidance around this.