Aha moment during unconscious eating (I guess I became conscious!)

I have been doing really well, following my protocol, and losing the last few pounds.

Today, I found myself continuing to eat after lunch… because I was supposed to clean up (which I do after each meal in our family). There was a big pile of dishes to do, and I did not want to face it. So I kept eating.

Unintentional model:

C: Clean up after meal with family
T: I don’t want to do it (why do I have to do it?)
F: Rebellious (resentful?)
A: Ignored it and buffered with food
R: Ate too much, felt bad about self

Did I do that correctly?

Intentional model

C: Clean up after meal
T: I do it willingly because I prefer to do it than have others in the house do it
F: Calm
A: Clean up while listening to favorite podcast
R: Clean up done drama free

I do this during the week no problem. Weekends, however, my brain switches to a different mode, uses food for comfort and reward, etc etc… And once that food triggers the dopamine response — forget everything else — I am in temporary heaven.

Thoughts on how I can not switch on and off that brain?

Thank you, Brooke!