Trying to be perfect / How do I break out of perfectionism while achieving a goal?

I really want to create more content on my socials, but I’m so scared I’ll say the wrong things, people will hate me, and people will think I’m annoying or cringe.

Like I love creating content, I just never post because all these things come up in my head of others’ opinions.

C: Content on social media
T: this isn’t good enough
F: frustrated
A: never post my content, scroll social media and never go after my goal
R: don’t create my ideal results

I know this is a thought, but it’s like nothing is perfect enough to post. I know perfect isn’t something you can reach but somehow my mind thinks that there is a way to get to perfect.

I just overthink everything I post… it’s not fun anymore because I put so much pressure for it to all be perfect.