Model help

Can I please have my models reviewed, especially my result line:

C: feeling grief about thoughts of ex
T: I shouldn’t be feeling this way after 6 months
F: disapproving
A: beat myself up. Talk about how I should already be over it. Lie to myself and others..give excuses for why I am not already and how it is my fault. Talk to others about it. Think about getting over him. Resist the situation when it comes up in my mind
R: I keep myself feeling this way. I miss the opportunity to be with the feeling and move on.

C: ex won’t speak to me
T: I feel so much pain
F: heartbroken
A: do nothing. Lay in the pain. Tell others I’m in pain. Overthink. Analyze. Try to make it stop. Resist it. Call others.
R: I stay in so much pain. I keep creating pain. I focus on the pain and create more of it

C: ex says, ” I don’t fit in his life.”
T: I should have been with him while I had the chance
F: regret
A: beat myself up. Overthink about what I could have done differently. Try to make it up to him. Try to get his attention now. Spin on thoughts of what i have done wrong. Overthink everything.
R: I’m not with me while I have the chance to