Ugh! Ex!


I am having trouble with my divorce, my thoughts and feelings around the ever changing circumstances.
We are having a custody dispute among other disputes.

A few weeks ago, we had our final meeting with our child custody recommending counsel.  I agreed to some things I didn’t like. I later read her report and there are a number of things in there that she says we agreed to that I did not agree to. A new one just came up this evening.

My husband had said that he would return the girls to me at noon on Spring Break week, which is tomorrow. Just now, after I got off the phone with the girls saying I would see them at noon tomorrow, he wrote me to say that the document says 5pm and he’s bringing them at 5pm.

There were so many errors in the document, that I must have glossed over this paragraph because I thought that was one we had already settled, so I didn’t even notice when I reviewed it and found at least 14 other errors. I had planned a trip taking the girls to a town a couple hours away and taking a boat ride, little visit and then staying at a place I already rented. AND he knew I thought it was 12pm since last week, and decided to point it out tonight.  He wrote an email to me, our child custody person, his lawyer (the more people in on the shit show the better he prefers it).

Anyway, I am feel super frustrated and discouraged. I feel like giving up.
C: Girls coming 5pm instead of 12pm
T: I hate him and I can’t get away from him for my entire life.
F: Defeated (or maybe this one is frustrated?)
A: Respond to his email, worry about my response to his email, think I should respond more, think I should have not responded. Do a model. Not go to bed. Feel frustrated.
R: I’m not letting myself get away from him in my mind???

C: Ex
T: I am not managing this legal stuff well
F: Defeated
A: Delay responding to some of his emails, try to figure out who can read my emails before I send them, write and re-write them, think about them, do not get other things done
R: Not managing this legal stuff well? Putting more mental energy on him than I want? (but if I don’t, likely end up with less custody)

I don’t know what to do now. It seems like what I write in these emails really does matter, legally.