UM day 26

Dear Brooke, these are my models this morning and I’d love some feedback.
Unintentional Model:
C: my husband gets up to turn my alarm off and says “what’s your problem it’s 6am”
T: what a great way to start the day listening to such a comment! I can’t stand his negative comments
F: pissed, annoyed
A: I ignore him, I tell myself not to let affect me. I get up.
R: I’m absorbing the comment. I let the comment in without telling my truth. (I can’t stand staying silent and not expressing my truth)

Intentional model:
C: same
T: my alarm rang, time to get up / his words have nothing to do with me – the words are negative only if I decide they’re negative – let’s do 3 gratitude
F: indifferent
A: I do 3 gratitudes
R: I get up with the thoughts I decide to focus on

my question is: am I trying too hard with the intentional model to avoid/change my feelings? is it one of these situations where I’d better allow the feelings of being annoyed, observe them and release them – but how do I know I truly released them vs stored them inside somewhere?