UMs for Work Project – Procrastination

I am seriously behind on a project that has been going on for a year. Some work has been done, but it would be a lot farther along if I would have worked on it consistently when I was given time to. I have two unintentional models that I am looking for feedback on as I am new to writing models. Are these written correctly?

C: ES project current completion status
T: I am going to get in serious trouble for the minimal amount of work done
F: fear / dread
A: hide lack of progress, avoid giving status updates (so boss doesn’t know how far it is behind), ignore emails from colleagues, when pressed respond to emails very slowly, stay vague in emails, lie to one colleague about why I am so behind, pretend some work is done but just not submitted yet, when pressed say work is farther along than it is
R: I make the situation worse and increase the likelihood I will get in trouble.

C: ES project current completion status
T: There is so much work to be done
F: overwhelmed
A: avoid working on it, draw up completion plans but then feel worse when I am unable to keep up with them because they are impossible to achieve, only work on parts that other people pressure me on
R: I make it feel like there is an impossible about of work to be done