Unable to Read

I have been a passionate self-help books reader up until I joined scholars six months ago.
Once I joined I made time to learn the courses here and apply them.
I tackled two main goals in my life with success (overeating and overdrinking). Now I am onto the next one.

Recently I thought I could use some new additional boost of inspiration and purchased ten books that are designed to motivate me to finish things, get things done and the like.
One by one, as they landed in my laps, I read how each one tries to single out one concept and make an entire book about it and I was all of a sudden unable to continue reading anymore. I was no longer able to buy into what the masses are buying. Those who don’t know yet all that you teach us here.
I donated all the books to the church and decided that it may not be a bad thing. That perhaps I know all that I needed to know finally.