Unclear on old thought patterns and genuine red flags (BM)

Hi Brooke

I am in the middle of a project, its huge and I live on the knife edge between fear and just getting stuff done. I have kept it to myself but recently the project was featured in the paper, visible to many and scary for me to be ‘seen’ A few people have said, ‘you need to be really careful, Chinese are pulling the plug on investing in other countries, its a big risk, you could lose everything, interest rates are going up” etc etc. This immediately triggers thoughts like “maybe they are right, maybe they know stuff that I don’t, maybe it is a bad idea, maybe I will fail” and I experience a deluge of fear and worry. I can model my way out of it,

C project
T i will make this project work no matter what, i have my back and thats all i need
F productive, focused, determined
A go all in on project and work towards deadline giving it 100%
R undetermined as yet but either way i will have seen the project through to the end as doubt kills more dreams than failure every will.

C project
T maybe i am not up to this, maybe it will fail, i hope i have mitigated all the risk, do i know enough to pull this off, what if i lose everything!
F desperate and afraid
A carry on with my project but carry around the dread and worry with me
R no sleep and very little joy

I realise that i cannot mitigate every risk, i know that i have given this project 100% but how do i know what are my brains attempt to keep me safe vs ‘real’ risks and red flags.

Thank you for your feedback. BM