Unclear on result?

Hi, I’d love help with this model:

C – preparing to quote for and present a workshop
T – they’ll think I’m a fraud / not good enough.
F – scared
A – overthink my pricing and stress about it, over prepare for the workshop – spend more time than I need to, become all-consuming, drain my energy, don’t spend quality time with my family, don’t spend as much time on my self-care
R – is my result I am a fraud as I’m teaching mindfulness/stress reduction at the workshop and I’m getting stressed / not being mindful?

I’d also love help on how to move to an intentional model, I believe? Here’s my attempt

C – same as above
T – I’m not sure what I could think – that I believe that will flow into the below F, A, and R lines? I’d love to believe – I’m an amazing coach and facilitator, and I’m justified in charging ‘x’ – I’ll be giving them ‘x’ in value just by showing up … but I struggle to believe this …
F – confident
A – prepare just enough, feel excited about what I can offer the group and secure in my skills and experience, prioritize quality time with my family and my self-care, feel secure in my pricing, don’t overprepare, overthink and stress/worry
R – I’m also not sure what my result will be? I’ll prepare and present a quality workshop: I’m
Happy the value I provided was equal
To it more than my fee?