Unconditional love for “enemies”

There are some people who are acting to undermine my work as a leader and this is causing a lot of pain in my team. They spread mean comments, fake news and cause a lot of trouble.

I am doing thought work to let them be who they are, thinking that they can say and do what they want. I am learning to deal with other people’s opinions.

But my team does not always understand this. They think that I should react more strongly.

Sometimes, when people offend me and I don’t feel offended, members of my team get very offended for me.

There are actions I can take to defend myself and the team, and to preserve the work we have been doing. But I am afraid of just being vindictive.

How can I do this from a place of love instead of vengeance?
How can I act with love – both with my team and myself when the work we believe is important and is being undermined, and at the same time, with love for these people who try to undermine us?