Intermittent Fasting

Hi, I’ve been doing the urge jar for a few months now and have stopped overeating (and lost 5kg) 🙂. I’m fat adapted and have just introduced intermittent fasting (from 7pm until 11am). I am eating a salad with some healthy fat and protein twice a day (at 11am/12pm and again at 6:30/7pm), but I am concerned that this may not be enough calories per day (I used an app to work out the calories for the salad and its approxiamtely 370 calories for each salad). I still have a few kilos to lose but the past few days since I have started intermittent fasting I have actually gained some weight. I feel fine and am easliy able to wait until those times to eat, but I have always read /heard that if you consume less than 1000 calories a day your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto its fat, so I was just wondering your/Brook’s thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance