Unconstitutional Love

Hi Brooke, I was listening to your podcast about unconditional love. The question came up to my mind that what does the meaning of saying I love you but I don’t want be with you? Or you said when you hate somebody it doesn’t effect that person it affects you, so be in love with him it only feels better for you. You can chose to be in love or in hate. I can understand what you mean but on the other hand I feel like I miss use the word of love. When someone tells me I love you rather than like you, it gives me the good feeling of I am valuable n precious that I got this word. But when someone says I like you it means that I am good. So It doesn’t mean that you are in my priority or I am all yours. If I want to say love for the person that I hate, it seems to me I call the bronze as a gold and I don’t want to have it. Instead I can say oh this bronze thing is good but I don’t want to have it. I feel better to use like than love . What do you think?