Headaches = neutral circumstance

Hi there,

I’ve struggled with migraines, headaches and jaw pain for several years now. I’ve thankfully experienced a lot of improvement over the last year, where I’m hardly ever getting a migraine but I still get headaches and jaw pain. I’ve done all the tests and seen all the specialists to make sure something more serious isn’t going on.

I wanted to share that recently when I start feeling a headache or jaw pain coming on, I think on purpose “this is a neutral circumstance.” It has helped enormously… not just in my feelings about the pain, but with the actual pain itself! I’ve noticed many times when the sensation doesn’t escalate into a headache or full-blown pain. This has helped me realize that in the past my spinning thoughts about the pain have lead to more pain. Isn’t that amazing?!

Curious, have you seen others succeed in using thought management to reduce chronic pain?