Under-Earning Question

I am an under-earning woman and after listening to Brooke’s podcast on this topic, I realized that I am that woman whose husband provides for her, which makes me, according to Brooke’s definition, a woman who is earning zero money but is capable and wants to earn more.

My situation is that several years ago my husband and I agreed that I will seek to become a full-time screenwriter and he will support us meanwhile.

During these past six years I have studied the craft, went to many seminars and classes, wrote few screenplays and sent them to contests, but so far did not win anything, which is why I am still earning zero dollars (since I want to earn money only as a screenwriter).

If I am frank with myself, I can see how the fact that I have no worry about the bills, made me take my time and write only when I am inspired to or really motivated to do so.
I thought THAT was what it means to be a writer – you write when the muse visits you.

I asked my husband if we should consider him cutting my credit cards or forcing me to go and get a job, but he is unwilling to do any of that and said I should have the sense of urgency myself, for my own good, and not because he cuts my credit cards as if I was a child.

In what way can I create myself a sense of hurry? What thoughts can I focus on when there’s no survival threat?