Unhappy with job hours

Hi Coaches
I work a very stressful job. My job has no boundaries and it is stipulated in my contract that there is no such thing as over time. I will often have to pull all nighters and get notified last minute about needing to do this. My personal life is suffering because I’m always working and can’t make time for anything else.
I like my job and I like the work that I do. However, I just don’t like the hours and find myself stuck because I know that it is not sustainable. My sleep and overall health suffers and sometimes I live off 3-4 hours of sleep.
With what I do, the nature of the career is that everyone has to work these hours. I do not know of any jobs available in this field that don’t have crazy working hours, stress etc. If I could stay in my job, but not work those crazy hours, it would be amazing.
I feel stuck and like I have no control over my life and my hours. I get panicked because I am high up in my job, and don’t know what else I would do if I ever left it. I’m scared and don’t know what I would even do… if I would be good at anything else and if I would fail….
I know this is a long term thing, but I don’t even know where to start.