I came to the awareness that I believe I am unlovable and am seeing the effect that belief has had/ is having on my life often now.

One of the actions I take while believing this thought is questioning why a man is interested in me, usually making it mean they are only interested in me for a negative reason.

For example, I asked a man if he was interested in meeting up with me when he replied I started to question whether he was taking me seriously or thinking we are going to sleep together.

I could see where the thought I’m unloveable makes me question every positive response, but here’s where my question comes in:

What if that person really is doing that? It’s not unrealistic for people to be that way. If I am just thinking ohhh it’s cause I think I’m unloveable, will I take away from the reality of other people. That would be a problem for me if I did because I don’t want to put myself in that situation.

Since I found thought work, I have had a tendency of overlooking peoples actions as part of who they are because I understand our actions are just responses to our feelings and we as people generally don’t know how to manage our emotions. It keeps me out of judgment but it also has caused me to overlook a lot and end up in a lot of situations that weren’t good for me for a lot longer than needed.