Unplanned Dare Of The Day

Dear Coaches,

I love the work of this month. I notice doing more things spontaneously. I just reached out to a friend I have not seen for years, because something I was doing reminded me of her. I sent her a message without overthinking how she would react. Normally, I would have done that, ending up with not sending a message. Now, I don’t expect her to react. Just gave her a thank you without expectations. I love it. And I do write in my workbook about what this teaches me about my self confidence. I love getting into the action instead of overthinking, resulting in no action. I notice that planning dares ahead of time is difficult, but during the day I actively look for them and most of the time, I act upon it. Is it also ok if I reflect afterwards when I dared? And if I did not act, schedule it for the next day, doing upfront model work.

Thx in advance