I am currently facing an incredibly difficult situation. I live with my boyfriend and I have 2 college aged children living here with me at the moment.

My boyfriend recently and pretty indirectly revealed to me that he’s bipolar. He has shut me completely out, he will not speak to me, look at me, communicate in any way. He asked me to give him space as he was having an anxiety attack. I have tried incredibly hard to do that. I am a person who values touch and communication and relationships with the people I love. While I am trying to look at my thoughts and feelings, knowing I cannot change the circumstance, someone else’s behavior, I am struggling with the feelings of rejection and ultimately something I call feeling misplaced. Like, this is not my home or he no longer feels like my home based on his actions and behavior. I am a nurse, so I understand mental health to an extent, but have never experienced it personally and have it affect me in the way that it is.

I honestly need some guidance for my thoughts on this, in order to deal with my feelings and make some major decisions. It is painful as I have felt completely lost since my divorce in the last few years and I fell in love with this man and he felt like home for me, even knowing all his quirks and faults.

Please help me with my model, thoughts and feelings so I can take the action I need in order to keep myself from following down his mental health nightmare journey.

Thank you.