Unsolicited Advice (I gave it and feel crappy now!!)

I gave a friend some unsolicited advice today. (all via messenger, so there wasn’t actually any facial expressions or tone) She came back and was basically like “that’s too bad that you thought that”.

(she did some live coach in her paid group she’s running, i’m in the group and thought the video was torture to watch…and yes I said that, and mentioned an idea for how she could preface it so others would know what they were getting and how to frame it)

I was then fascinated to see how my thoughts turned into beating myself up. Which thankfully from your teachings, I was able to stop within a few minutes.

I’m trying to do the model but I’m having trouble…

Circumstance: I gave unsolicited advice

My thoughts/feelings:
–> worried that I’d offended her
–> ashamed for overstepping into her stuff
–> thinking “who am I to even say something”!
–> worried that she wont want to be my friend

I’m not sure what feelings I’m feeling…but I have a tightness in my stomach and general not good feeling :/

Any advice on the situation would be great. It seemed like it was more than just I said something wrong and lots of other junk buried under it.