Unsure if I am "Allowing" urges

I am so excited to take on this Urge jar process! 3 full days so far of 100% on protocol and I’ve lost 5 pounds already. Very exciting. My question though is around if I am actually “allowing” the urges. I find that when I have an urge for something (most common has been the candy bowl at work or a glass of wine at night), that I acknowledge it for a minute or two and then I forget about it because I get myself busy with a task or continue the task I was doing (washing dishes, a work project, etc.). I can’t tell if I am actually allowing the urge fully or if I am avoiding it. I then remember later about the urge and I sometimes decide to give myself the glass bead or I don’t because I don’t think I fully allowed it. I only have 5 glass beads in my jar and I know I have had way more than 5 urges that I have not acted on. So…am I avoiding the urge? Do I still get a glass bead because I didn’t act on my urge? Or am I thinking about this all wrong? Really appreciate the help! Thank you!!