Untangling years of negative thinking about relationships


I’ve went through a brake up a few month and asked for help one of the coaches. During the call I’ve uncovered a whole bunch of negative thoughts that I didn’t knew I had about relationships and myself in a relationships.

I really want to find a good mate and I’ve decided to dedicate May to un-tangling this, but I don’t know where to start. My thoughts downloads seam to be mile long and go from my latest relationship, which I’m still feeling pretty sour about to 20 years old cheating and college rape. My thoughts vary from no-one “I make horrible choices”, “to no-one will ever want to stay with me for longer than 6 month” to “how could I be that stupid” etc etc.

Where do I start? The most painful one? Chronological order? There is so much I need a structured way to approach it without being overwhelmed or freaking out.