Unworthy if I call in sick

Hi coaches. I have thoughts and feelings about showing up for my commitments. And I’m also exhausted and need a break. I’m teaching a 16-week class, and I’m considering calling in sick tomorrow.

I’m making it mean all sorts of things.

Here are my models. Same C in each one.

C: Calling in sick tomorrow
T: I’m not really sick
F: Embarrassed
A: Beat myself up for all the times in my life that I quit something
R: Don’t take the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate myself

T: I’m a quitter and a failure
F: Shame
A: Look for evidence that I quit and fail at things
R: Don’t take the time I want to rest

T: If I call in sick tomorrow, next week will be that much harder
F: Trapped
A: Don’t make a decision
R: Make each day hard

T: I’m letting my students down
F: Guilty
A: Go extra extra to prove I’m worthy of this position
R: Let myself down

T: My students paid for the class, I need to show up
F: Powerless
A: Don’t decide
R: Show up in a resentful way

T: I should suck it up
F: Tired
A: Don’t decide
R: Wallow in guilt spirals

T: If I don’t go tomorrow, I’ll be a failure at life
F: Scared
A: Think I’m not worthy of this life
R: not show up in my life.


C: Calling in sick tomorrow
T: I need a rest and that’s OK
F: Calm
A: Rest instead of teaching
R: Feel rested and ready for next week