How to set my money goal

I am starting this program with the topic of money.

I am under-earning, as I earn a lot less than I want and that I think I could.

I earn 20,000 euros / year. I have 10,000 of savings.

I want a lot more, and I know I can!

My goal was this year to go back to 20,000 saved. Which is easy I know I can easily do it (because I always had 20,000 of savings).

But as I started to work on that topic, I realize that I want a lot more, but it is like I cannot define how much!

I have 3 difficulties

– I hardly figure out an “amount”, I figure out things that I want to have (spending): a better house, close to the ocean, nice furniture… then I calculate the amount of money it represents but I cannot figure out the amount, I stick to what I want to have with this money

– I can’t help thinking with steps: double my income this year, 100,000 within 3 years… I hardly figure the ideal amount with a right time to get it.

– I cannot think more than 100,000. Because I don’t know anybody who earn this amount of money, and because I cannot believe I can make more. Although when I think of what I want, I need more than 100,000!

Can you help me do clarify my thoughts about all that?