Urge Jar process – clarification questions

I wanted to ask this during the urge jar call today… I heard Brooke say on the call that if weight loss is our main goal for self-coaching, we should go all in on this work and leave the monthly coursework (e.g. relationships, this month) or other SCS assets until we’ve got this down.

I have a daily practice of thought download plus unitentional/intentional model, plus whatever the monthly work is. I did the March “believing new things” for TWO months focused on weight loss, practicing the same new thought: “I am losing weight with ease.” I’m not sure what to do next for daily thought work to accompany the urge jar practice. I was going to jump into the relationships work but now I don’t think I should pivot. (I do believe the thought above is possible, but I’m not sure I believe it all the way, even after practicing it so much.) Would you give me a suggestion or two?

Another question: is noticing an urge, identifying it as a sensation, but then distracting myself by turning my attention to a task at hand REALLY allowing the urge, or should I stop everything and stand there until the urge passes?