Urgency to reach goal

Hi. I recently set a goal for myself and find myself SO excited to achieve it. I know Brooke always says that when you truly believe it, you won’t be in such a rush to achieve it, but have more like a peace feeling.

Since setting this goal and working on my beliefs, I have woken up most mornings with ‘butterflies’ in my stomach from excitement. For this reason, I am powering through what needs to be done, and do feel like I am rushing because I can’t wait to get there. I can’t wait to finally achieve what I want to achieve, and feel almost like I have no time to waste and need to get a move on.

Is my rush to get there because I don’t truly believe it? And I want to see for myself if it will really happen? A part of me does think this. But another part of me says that my rush to get there is because I’m just so excited to get there and don’t have time to waste—I feel really ready to get to work and do what needs to be done and show myself what I can really achieve. In a way I do feel like “No matter what, I will get there”, but then I think to myself “If I can get there sooner, why not?!”

I like the second answer more but some days I do catch myself being impatient to reach it and wanting so bad to reach it right now. I also worry about being too attached to the outcome, of whether I achieve my goal or not.