I’m indulging in the feeling confusion over my urges and thinking something is wrong with me/I’m doing something wrong as sometimes I can manage my urges fine like last week my friends last minute wanted to go out for dessert, I hadn’t planned to joy Eat that day so I didn’t have anything and I managed my desire ok and most of the time I didn’t feel deprived and it was easier than I thought as I told myself I didn’t plan this, I want to my results more, I want to feel proud of myself etc but then there are other times when I give into the thoughts like I want it, I want to have that or it looks good etc and I feel I respond soo easily and instantly without realising or being able to stop myself. I don’t understand how I can manage my urges when there was 6 people eating these amazing looking desserts around me but then sometimes I give into urges for things that I don’t even love that much or it’s not as challenging a situation like I’m just at home.