Here are how my urged work when my drink plan is not to drink. When i get an urge when i normally would drink im counting it as one urge becsuse its continuous untill its not. It does not come in waves.
Also when i have a drink plan say for 3 glasses at 6:00 pm and i feel urges starting at 4 again i cant seperate the urges into more than 1. I really dont think its about resisting Im feeling the urge as you have talked about and many times can figure out the thought and the emotion. Here is my question. If i plan for 3 glasses of wine at 6:00 pm and the urge is there right up to that time… can i drink cuz its on my plan. I will count the urge leafing up to it.
I may have asked this before but i could be wrong because i dont keep track of my questions on Ask Brooke but i submit like 1-2 questions a day and im not sure if they are reaching scholars. Sonetimes i dont even remember what i asked but i know i submitted. I think for myself i will keep track of my questions. This is not for your accountability but so i can keep track of my concerns.
Thanks Br