Does this count as an urge or is this how an urge feels? The situation tonight was it was a no drink night. I went to play a regular game with my friends like i do every monday. There is wine there, I think it would be nice to have wine. I didnt drink it. I wouldnt even drink it there even if i could because i wouldnt drink and drive home. Before doing this program i would have made an excuse not to go or leave early so i could go home and drink. The point is that while out tonight I was feeling like i wanted a drink but didnt answer the urge because having one glass would have not been enough so why bother. The craving was there but i didnt drink. How am i to view this. Is this an unanswered urge or an unanswered urge in a situation that made it not easy to drnk. It wasnt urgency but the craving was there.