Sister Moving

Hi Brooke et al!

It’s pretty funny when you sit down with your husband to have mocktails and announce you need to get a pad to do a model and he says, “oh shit.” 😂

I also notice that in most of my UI models I’m always looking for evidence to “prove” I’m correct. And I also notice that it’s never hard to find evidence that someone or something is not “right.”

A bit of backstory is that my sister was emotionally abusive to me when I was a child but thanks to therapy, etc I’m over that but I do notice that it’s hard for me to get close to her or trust her. I love her because she’s my sister but I’m okay with not talking to her or having a relationship with her. I really love her better from a distance. I only restarted my close relationship with her because my nephew died in 2016 and she was in a really bad way. Now she wants to move to my town, despite the vastness of the state of FL. I know I can’t control this. I have to control my mental health around this. I know I can do it. Here is the latest situation.

C A. stated she will need a handyman when she gets to FL
T What a manipulative bleep. She knows hubby is a carpenter!
F Angry
A Show other siblings email, ask for their opinion, complain about this for days
R I feel vindicated because I have found others to agree with me and I continue to be angry at the attempted manipulation

T Maybe she’s just asking for info and knows I know tons of people here
F Neutral, like it’s a regular person asking for a referral
A Give her the name of the guy
R I have fulfilled the information request. I don’t feel manipulated, regardless of what her intention is

Thanks in advance!!!