Urges to overeat at different times of day

Hi Brooke,

I have noticed that once I eliminate an urge to overeating at a particular time of day, I develop new urges to overeat at different times of day. For example, I used to have urges to overeat right before I went to work very early in the morning. I eventually worked through that, but then I developed urges to stop for fast food after work. I have started working through the after work overeating urges, and even though I don’t give into the urge and stop for fast food, I still come home and negotiate with myself to graze on protocol foods like nuts, cheese, and vegetables. Most of the time I give in because I do feel hungry. Is it possible that I am truly hungry at this time, or do you think that I am just resisting my urges and pushing them off to other times (instead of allowing them)? I was thinking of adding more protein to lunch to test it out.