Urges, urges and more urges

Hi Brooke

So it’s week 3 of the new food protocol and I’ve lost about 8 pounds (rounded from Aussie kilos). I was already eating also no sugar so I jumped straight into no sugar and flour too.

The first few weeks weren’t too bad – the odd desire for breakfast (which I often used to skip anyway) and a couple of mid afternoon or late night snack cravings.

But yesterday and today we’re in urges central. The feeling is definitely anxiety although I’m not always able to access the thoughts.
Today I didn’t eat but then got urges to drink, to shop, to shop some more. All of which unanswered. I was out in city shopping area (down town in American I think?) and saw so many good thinks on the way back to the car (crepes, donuts, waffles, more donuts, pastries!!!). They were literally screaming my name.

I’ve made it home and managed to make and eat the chicken, whole grain and vege salad I had planned but wow it was a tough one.

Can you recap an emergency procedure for when these urges hit? I know I’m not meant to white knuckle it but what else should I do.

I remember you dating something about watching the urge as a third party which I could sort of do.

I also remember you saying something about having a conversations with the urge?



Ps. Definitely planning on requesting some coaching on the calls on anxiety if you can schedule some more in the afternoon PT. 10am PT is 5am eastern daylight saving time in Australia.