Model for Work Problems

I have been doing thought downloads and what comes up for me is that,
C- Work
T- I am incompetent, bad at business, lazy, slapdash.
F- Shame, anxiety, worry,
A- Rush through things, try to finish quickly, don’t do things thoroughly, talk more than do
R- Problems at work

C- Work
T- I am doing the best I can. This is a process (then my mind says you are 62 years old already, the process should be over LOL!) Can’t really come up with a thought that serves me that I can get evidence for. I gather a lot of evidence for my idiocy and incompetence (Dad’s voice there)
F- Anxiety
A- Same as above

So I guess I would ask if this is a deep seeded, long lasting thought, how would I frame it to even get a little bit of space around the thought. I just have so much evidence!